How’s life without social media?

Social media has now become a crucial part of everyone’s life mainly youngsters nowadays. In this big world where all that we are worried about today is how better we can portray ourselves on Instagram, Facebook or other social networking sites. Living without one of them would be really very awful. Right? Agreed, as social media now is extensively used by everyone from youngsters to adults and we tend to post each and every activity we do on the same. From drinking our morning coffee to hanging out with friends at night we like to share everything. Well enough of thinking of how we spend our time on social media, let’s take some time to imagine and examine life without it. It would definitely differ from how we live now. Most of the interaction throughout the day would be in person. We would waste less time surfing on the internet and engage more in conversation with others. We would be less worried about how our Instagram Passwort Hacken looks like; maybe we would accept our self as we are as we won’t get a chance to envy others for how fantastic their profile is on social networking sites. So yes there would be no more daily uploading pictures of you or how you carry out your day. It means that no more waiting for approval on your daily feeds by getting likes comments from your friends. There would be no need to work so hard Make your profile appealing to others. As in real life, we are captured by the real human eye which needs no filter.

We all would be freer to just be our self and also enjoy the moment we are living in rather being busy in clicking pictures to show it up on social networking sites. We would interact with others more as there would be nothing we would keep fidgeting with. Life would be simpler maybe because we would not have to manage completely two different worlds together that is the real and the virtual world. It would mean expressing what you feel verbally to your loved ones instead of posting those awful kinds of stuff on Facebook and Instagram. We would communicate with others which would sharpen our communication skills and also would be able to meet the real person behind the screen. We would make better and long lasting connections.

Aren’t you also checking your notification simultaneously while you’re reading this if not definitely keeping a note at it? So yes there would be no more checking up phones the first time in the morning and the last time you go to bed as there would be no more fear of missing out something.

Life will be more peaceful like that, won’t it?

Wondering about how scary or how peaceful your life will turn? You don’t need to. Because at the same time we should always remember that social media is made for us and we are not made for social media. So always keep in mind to monitor yourself to spend less time and make the most of it by taking the positive aspect of the same. When social media has so many negative points it also has some of the useful features which had made life easier and better for many for eg. Instagram bloggers or Influencer. Every coin has two sides; Social media also has the same. It’s on us to use it in a judicial way and yes always keep in mind never let it control us in any possible way.

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